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Hi, I'm Ubaldo Formichetti, and I've created this webpage to share my passions, life's work, and identity with you. In a world where the internet can be overwhelming, I aim to provide a central hub where you can learn more about me, connect with me, and explore common interests and future projects together.

Ubaldo Formichetti

I'm a | Designer Musician Developer Creative All of this!... Nothing!

About me:


I've been playing the guitar for over 30 years, continuously striving to master this instrument. I enjoy composing music and have a keen interest in recording, mixing, and mastering. I operate a small home studio where my friends and I, from my Metal group, Emerald Table, have recorded music. Though challenging, I relish these pursuits as they embody my passions.


For nearly 20 years, programming and application development have been my foremost passion. Daily study and tackling new problems have enabled me to continually develop my skills in the IT realm. Beyond just a profession, programming is my passion. Lately, I've been merging it with my love for music, creating small applications that cater to musicians.

Personal projects and works in development:


Welcome to the Lasciami dire project Our dream is to create and make available to everyone, tools that help those who need them most in everyday life. Help us too to make our project grow, and give everyone the opportunity to grow and express themselves in the best possible way

This is a WIP Project: This is a WIP Project for a Complete Web Platform intended to ease communication between Child, Parent and Educator in subjects with complex necessities.

Method: This will be achieved by building on top of the AAC System in an Integrated and Open approach to development meant to give freedom to the end users as well as reliability in a complete system.

The interface: The interface will be split in three major distinct sections: From which to perform different actions with the Child accessing the communication, the Parent the building blocks of such communication and the Educator a more specific function set.

The Visual Hierarchy will be vertical: with the Child being the base, the Parent having access to the Child's functions and the Educator to most of the Parent's functions. The Data and Relations between Children, Parents and Educators will be synced using a Database.

Styling: The Style of the Project should be Simple and Intuitive. The most important source of inspiration we currently have is th Gnome HIG

Why Open Source: We believe that Software should be Public for that is the best solution to grant the End Users the most Comfort, Safety and Liberty. It ensures that this Project will have the possibility of being supported even if we, at some point, cannot continue to do so.

Collaborates with us: Collaborating with us means being part of a context that values diversity and bases every initiative on ethics and social responsibility.

Thanks! We welcome collaborations with pleasure, if you are a web graphic designer or a programmer, or you have ideas to add content or suggestions for this project, you want to contribute with a donation, or any other type of help, which allows us to grow this project, created with love, for love. Your help is essential! Contact us: For any information, suggestions, collaborations etc., you can contact us at any time, we will be happy to meet you.

Developed in: React Native, React, Next, Node, MUI, MongoDb)

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RealPlanning is an innovative real-time planning tool designed to offer an unparalleled experience in organizing courses, activities, and events. Built using the most advanced technologies such as React, Mui, Next, and Node, RealPlanning is capable of adapting to the needs of any business, providing continuously updated information with unmatched efficiency. The distinctive features of RealPlanning are numerous. Firstly, it is fully responsive, ensuring optimal viewing on every device, whether it be a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Thanks to its flexibility, activities can be organized using customized filters, adapting to the specific needs of any context. Each activity in the planning can be customized with identifying colors, dates, times, or any other parameter that is important to highlight, providing users with a comprehensive overview of the available options. Thanks to its integration with Node, RealPlanning automatically synchronizes every change made in the management system, ensuring that all information is always up-to-date and ready to be consulted. With RealPlanning, not only is there a significant reduction in management time, but there is also optimal enjoyment by site visitors. Whether it's organizing lessons, events, or learning or training courses, etc.

Developed in: React, Next, TypeScript, Mui, Node, sqlServer


TunerMe is a tuner currently in development phase, built using React Native. Progress is going well; I have implemented standard guitar tuning with both automatic string recognition and manual selection. It is highly accurate. Once I finish adding all the major guitar tunings, I will release the app on Google Play for the first time. Stay tuned!

Developed in: React Native

Kontakt Library Fix X1

Kontakt Library Fix is a free utility developed by me, Ubaldo Formichetti, designed to assist in importing non-native libraries into Kontakt. This tool generates the configuration file for the non-native Kontakt library, assigning it a random or specified ID to prevent duplication issues during registration in the registry. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of a custom library wallpaper by adapting .jpg and .png files. In this latest version, we've integrated a robust image editor, allowing users to import an image as a background and customize it with text and other graphic elements, eliminating the need for additional graphic software to create banners. This utility also addresses the "no library found kontakt" error encountered during import, providing a straightforward and creative solution. Compatible with full versions of Kontakt (not Kontakt Player) from version 5.5.8 onwards.

Developed in: Electrum, PHP, Mysql, jQuery, Javascript, bootstrap

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Pendulum - metronome

The metronome was born as an instrument to measure rhythmic pulsations, Pendulum was born, by those who love music, and programming. Pendulum is my starting point, with which I would like to start developing, a series of ideas and projects, oriented in the sphere of musical utility applications. Me Ubaldo Formichetti (UbyXsofT) and Pendulum - Metronome introduce ourselves to you like this, aware of being far from perfect, but with a great desire to improve and constantly grow, I present to you the characteristics of this Metronome, in its debut, let's start: + Extremely easy to use + Signature of the measure, from 1/1 to 16/8 beats + Dynamics settings, via volume, for each beat, settable in 4 modes (f, mf, p and mute) + Each beat can be assigned a different sound + Library of 18 assignable sounds + Calculation of the BPM in real time by tapping the TAP button 4 times + The beats are visually highlighted + Power / background saving mode: if you don't frighten him, it always works, without crashing, while he works you can in the meantime open other apps. + 9 types of subdivisions + Tuning fork included: 415 - 450 hz (for quick reference) + Customization and saving of the total graphic style, you can change the foreground and background color, and this makes it unique, for each of you. If you're having trouble, before venting out to give a negative review, let's talk about it. If you have any suggestions, contact me, or suggest implementations, as you see fit.

Developed in: jQuery, Cordova, Javascript, bootstrap

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I'm excited to introduce you to my new e-commerce, an innovative platform created with cutting-edge technologies to offer a smooth and engaging online shopping experience. The core of my platform has been developed using the most modern technologies available. Thanks to React and Next.js, I've been able to build a responsive and high-performance user interface, ensuring seamless navigation on any device. Node.js powers the backend of the application, allowing me to efficiently and scalably manage business operations. As for data, I've opted for SQL Server as the database to reliably store and manage all information related to products, orders, and users. Here are some key features of my e-commerce: Intuitive navigation: a user-friendly and intuitive UI that makes shopping a hassle-free pleasure. Product catalog: a comprehensive assortment of products, with options for procedural or single-step purchases, to meet my customers' needs. Shopping cart: an interactive cart that allows users to easily manage their purchases, calculate the order total, and proceed to payment quickly and securely. Order management: currently in development, a convenient admin panel that will allow for control and management of products and orders, offering even more efficient and personalized service. Authentication and security system: a robust authentication and security system that protects users' personal data and ensures secure online transactions. Customer support: an integrated support system that allows users to easily contact me for any questions or issues. My goal is to provide an unparalleled online shopping experience, meeting the needs of my customers and exceeding their expectations. Currently in development but already usable, my e-commerce could be the new starting point for your business, thanks to its responsiveness and versatility.

Developed in: React, Next, TypeScript, Mui, Node, sqlServer

My main musical project

We are a Gothic/Doom/Alternative Metal band, Dear Emeralds. When our music is conceived, one thing is certain to us: the nuances, the contrasts, the blend of whispers and screams, of black and white, of the pleasure of a leisurely stroll in the park and a slow sprint - all of this, intertwined with the colors of our unique souls, crafted from emerald, must always be present. Though we prefer to wander and dream amidst the allure of shadows cast by the darkness of night, you'll sense all of this in each of our songs, crafted at the Emerald Table. The Emerald Table project was born in 2015 from the vision of Ubaldo Formichetti (producer and guitarist) and Mauro De Angelis (keyboardist). Over time, various collaborations ensued as the tracks for their debut album, "Book of Illusion Fragments," slowly took form, yet they've chosen to hold off on its release for now. The name Emerald Table symbolizes the cornerstone of their inspiration, drawn from mythology, pararcheology, paganism, and esotericism. The band's lineup solidified in 2018 with the addition of Ramona Festuccia on vocals, Aster on growl vocals, and Pietro Di Mattia on bass. For years, the drummer's seat remained vacant until the band was fortunate enough to cross paths with New Yorker John Macaluso (Malmsteen, ARK, TNT, Jennifer Batten, James La Brie, Mike Romeo), who graciously lent his expertise to the band's compositions. With John on drums, "Book of Illusion Fragments" was recorded, giving the pieces a unique flavor. In 2022, the band underwent its latest lineup change, welcoming Giusy Marina to replace Ramona. Bruno Maremonti assumed the role of the band's permanent drummer, and Gianni Marceddu joined as a guitarist. In 2024, another lineup change occurred, reverting to a single guitar (following Gianni's departure) and introducing Fabio Vella on drums. Presently, the Emerald Table is focused on developing a live show while also crafting new material influenced by the addition of these new members.

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